Its true, I just ate eggs on toast for dinner. I'm not saying that is a good thing.
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5 Responses Aug 16, 2014

You Know What That Sounds Pretty Goooood



I make Toad in a Hole with thawed out garlic toast for dinner all the time. It's a GREAT thing!

It's freakin' amazing....I never thought of using garlic toast until a year ago. At first I was all, AAAAHHH!!! I've missed so much tastiness in life. Then...I calmed down and was all, Chill out,'ve got plenty of life left to enjoy garlic toast toad in a hole. (Btw...I wasn't sure if anyone would know what toad in a hole is. Kudos, to you, kind sir.)

I'd keep my focus on impressing you. Or a hidden third option: she made you delicious tidbits of English goodness because she wanted to share her food knowledge and make you happy.

Well ... I can't see why it is bad eather.

If it tasted good, it was a good thing.