Can I just have some chocolate chip pancakes with real syrup and juicy sausage with some orange juice???
SavannahCole SavannahCole
18-21, F
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I'm with you. I love pancake/waffle night. I will sometimes fix omelets for dinner.

You can if you share with me

Of course!


Why are you showing me this haha?

I prefer Biscuits and Gravy


I just had Chick Fil A for lunch and am soooo full

Why are you so skinny, that sounds so fattening and good! :)

Haha cause I never get that type of food!

Well you should eat and enjoy yourself, and a few more lbs will not hurt you at all :)

No I eat just my parents are very healthy eaters and very athletic so I take after them I'm actually 108 lbs

108 is not bad...125, or so, sounds curvy and healthy though.......

Oh I thought I was average and I think I'm 108 idk

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