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Who Says It's A Crime?

 Every once in awhile, sundays mostly. We have some kind of breakfast food: Waffles, pancakes, french toast. Something that warms our insides. Even eggs taste pretty good in the evening during dinner. I don't think those things should be limited to the first ray of light. I enjoy the smells of syrup, jelly, cinnamon, and even coffee. IHOP is my favorite place to go on the road, because they don't have to make serious adjustments with the kind of food I like to order. Heck, even Dunkin' Donuts thrills me.

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I prefer to have breakfast food for lunch or dinner....and sometimes a couple of fruits in the morning........they do give me energy to go on with my day.

Cereal for dinner after a long, tiring day is one of my favorite comfort foods :-)