They're Always There

I am a pagan. I have no idea if that means anything in this story, or my...senses, but I am a pagan.
I've had weird senses since forever about ghosts. For example, I'd feel someone's eyes on me when clearly no one was there. I'd feel something ghostly brush by me when I didn't walk past anything. I didn't know what that was, and I still don't, but if I do something relating to them, like reading ghost stories or watching ghost movies or even just reading stories that send a tickle of fear up my spine, it seems like I feel something off in the house, like the temperature suddenly drops, or I can feel someone's eyes on me.
Am I psychotically unstable? It seems that cold feeling follows me wherever I go. And the more I feel them here, the more I seem change my thoughts about Death. My thoughts turned deeper and darker, the strange feelings seeming almost SCARED. I feel like the ghosts are trying to talk, but I don't have an Ouija board (and don't plan on getting one).
Thanks for reading.
HieraAthena HieraAthena
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013