Feeling Others Emotions.

Hello everyone, I think I was about 14 or 15 when I noticed that my emotions are all crazy. I really did not understand it until I read up about it. I can walk into a room and know what everyone or most of the people in the room are feeling. Sometimes I know what they are thinking when I look them in the eyes.
It seems like someday's it feels like I am taking in so many different energy's or emotions, I feel physically and emotionally drained.
I have told some people about this and everyone reacts differently. Some just look at me with a blank look on there face.
My biggest issue is when I know what they r feeling or I know that they r lying to me. I dont really know how I know these things , but I will try and explain it. When I feel someone who is going through a heartbreak or loss of a loved one my body gets heavy and I start to feel and ache in my heart. This ache sometimes can get pretty intense. I want so badly to be able to help this person, but I cant always do it.
I really dont know if any of this is making since to you guys, sorry its just really hard to explain. When I meet people most of the time I can get there vibs and energy's right away. I can tell you what there intentions are, What they where thinking about, If they where having any kind of extremely emotional issues going on.
I really dont know what else to say, but I wish I did not feel like I am not explaining this good enough for some to understand. Well I am going to close here I hope everyone is having a great day!
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I can also feel others emotions and can always tell exactly how someone feels just by looking at them. I told this to my psychologist, and she said people that have been hurt use this as a coping mechanism to help them "shut out"their own feelings. Most that have this "ablility", if you will, have been hurt at a very young age and that is how you learn to deal with your own feelings.

I too can feel others pain, emotions and worse anger. I can block it out sometimes, but other times it is impossible. I have even felt the physical pains of my loved ones, before they told me they were hurt. Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy. Thankfully I have a husband that believes in me and my abilities.

Your welcome! Its so cool to have someone you know and love that understands or at lease believes in you and what u can do!

Omg, you just explained in one story. We're exactly alike , It's the same here, my friends say cool but i can tell they dont belive me just by the feeling, but when there down i know and i always know what to do because of this incredible ability however there are down sides like you explained, if someone is upset because of heart break and the other person is pretty close by you cant lie and say 'they might still care about you' especially if you know that the other person doesnt care about them... Its an incredible but difficult ability to live with really, but thank you for not making me feel alone in having this ability because for a long time now i have felt like an outsider in having this ability :)

Your welcome! Its cool to know people who have the same abilitys! I am still very scared to tell anyone cause I am affraid they will think I am crazy! Do u think that way too?

Thanks! I will do some research. Its really hard to deal with it sometimes ya know!

dude you are a medium no doubt about it . make some research about it and then you ll understand whats going trough your body. believe me you have a mission: to help people. dont forget it. peace