I've Become A Shut-in Because I Can Feel My Family

IDK, its just all crazy.  Even when my sister is nice to me I feel like Im standing in front of a fireing squad.  Its not just her, I feel what everyone is feeling and the problem is...... I tend to react to what Im feeling even before they reveal their true feelings.  Well... that makes me look/seem weird or overly emotional.  It throws them off and then things are uncomfortable, at least.  Im not weird... I just know what is coming sometimes.  I do get panic attacks sometimes when I feel get a whiff of their strong negative vibes. 

Most of this comes from my immediate family but I dont seem to have the same problem with others.  I mean, I do instantly get vibes from strangers, and mostly all of them are fine. 

Why is it so painful to be around my own family yet others make me feel lovely?

If not staying home alone or turning to drugs... what do you do to cope?

CKiss CKiss
46-50, F
1 Response Nov 8, 2009

What your describing is empathy. More likely then not you are just more open to your family where as you close yourself off more with others you don't know not to mention you are probably around your family more then anyone else so you get a bigger dose. Its hard to say exactly what is going on and why your family makes you feel so bad when others don't they could be projecting negative thoughts at you which raises the question as to why they would be doing that. Or you could just hang around with positive people. Either way when my empathy gets overwhelming which is does a lot since i live in a huge city with tons of negative people everywhere i imagine shutting myself up in a room and building a brick wall over the only way in and if i want to take the wall down i smash it with a big hammer any visualization like this where nothing can pass through to you will work but remember not to block yourself up forever empathy is truly a gift that can be used to help people and protect yourself. I always let my empathy decide whether or not i want to know someone new that's come into my life and i always know when my friends need someone to pull something out of them that's been bothering them.