Feeling Someones Feelings That Were Once Close To Me.

I was in a 14 year relationship with someone that was once my whole life. Even though things did not turn out good this person was very controlling of me. I don't know if i'm losing my mind but this persons feelings won't leave me alone. It's like I'm connected to this person even thought we are very far away we don't talk to each other but the feelings are aways there and they change though out the day.  It's been well over a year sense we were together sense then I've started a new life with someone else that has made me very happy that I Love very much and would do anything for. But this other persons emotion won't leave me alone. I have three children with this person I feel a feeling of torment, sorrow a sense of needing help. Some days its worse then others. I wish I could forget cause that person only brought pain to my life. I feel empathy all the time to the point that sometimes it makes me cry I can't tell any one how I feel cause no one close to me would understand. Cause this person was very abusive mentally and physically to me. I just want to be able to move on and not feel this persons feelings any more, but I have no control over it . What should I do? 

destinynicole destinynicole
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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Hun, Your feelings from a Controlling, berating relationship with someone from whom you share 3 children is perfectly NORMAL!!!!<br />
Dont be so hard on yourself<br />
These type persons know just exactly how to charm and get you all into every thing they do and say like they are a god. I counsel women in your shoes because I was one for about 14 years 10 in one relationship and 4 in another. You are amazing and dont even feel like you are not normal. He would have you to believe that too, wouldnt he??<br />
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Give yourself a pat on your back for the GOOD things like those 3 myracles. THREE PATS!!! And for not putting up with the roller coaster ride. Another pat. etc.<br />
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