It's A Gift From God

I can feel every emotion from peoples stories
I can even feel a lot of peoples emotions by their title
I believe it is a gift from God
I am sincere and I am a netreul person
I do not judge people I feel them
I can base my conclusion sometimes by just reading the groups
they are apart. Its nothing wrong with it everyone has their lifestyle
Some are extreme more than others some just go back and forth.
I can read the story or title and can tell if they are mad at others
I can red when people are truly hurt
I can tell when people are trying to cover up a emotion
I can even tell sometimes that some are not really honest in their expression
I can sometimes tell when people talk but I do the best by reading stories
Because after they write it its there
but when you talk to people they can flip flop and try to read your expressions
I am NOT a phyic I do not read peoples life
I cannot read peoples life by their mind or none of that
I am just expressing a God given gift to be used for his purpose not mines.
I can not paid money or material or favors I just am a compassionate person
I do not hate people I try to help people
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Jan 1, 2012