I Think It's Weird...

It's kind of like a pyschic ability but not really and some ppl may find it cool or whatever but it scares me. It usually only happens to me when somebody is about to die and it's like I won't know who it is but I'll get hints in my head. It's really hard to explain. You would have to feel it to know it. Like for example, about a month ago I was just chilling out at home and I suddenly thought "Wow, it's been a while since somebody I know has committed suicide" (I know three ppl who've done it and that's why it's so common to me). That's all I kept thinking about was suicide and ppl who have done it. Anyways, three days later, my mom told me that our neighbor hung himself because his wife left him. I swear on my soul, I felt something that coursed through my entire body and it felt weird. It felt like I was hurting...it's so hard to explain. But that's one of my many experiences for this topic. I'm just happy knowing that I'm not alone.

Val3ntine Val3ntine
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010