Just Know...

Sometimes I just know the answer to a question, whether it's been asked or not, or most often I ask it in my head and there the answer is. For example, if I know someone I can tell when they are pregnant if it will be a girl or boy, but with people I don't know the answer just doesn't come. It happens so strongly that sometimes I forget that I just felt it, and wasn't told by someone. For example, I worked with a girl that was pregnant and I knew she was having a girl. I asked if she had thought of any pretty girl names and noted it was lucky she had kept her first child's clothes since she was a girl as well. My co-worker  said she hadn't found out if it was a boy or girl yet but was hoping for a boy. I knew the instant she said that it would for sure be a girl and it was. Most of the time if I have a problem or question I just have to think about it and the answer comes clear in my mind...it's cool not like superhero cool but it's convienent during times that would otherwise be more difficult.
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

for some reason i've known before being told or even before the person knows. i already knew the sex of the child. and other things sometimes i already know the out come or answer.