A Dream

My deceased spouse recently came to me in a dream,he was talking with me about a problem i was trying to resolve. The odd part was that i asked him if he was going back to were he worked,he said he hadn't been with them for along time he was with these guys now he was happy,the camper they were traveling in i had never seen before,when i told my daughter she described the vehicel exactly, stating it was the one used out at his work that the some of the guys lived in . I am wondering if others have had this experience ? It gave me peace.
wilter wilter
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4 Responses Mar 22, 2007

your loved ones who have passed do come back in you dreams and watch over you,my mother who had not always been the mother she should have been,came back in my dreams when I least expected her to,when I needed moral support,she put her arms around me and said "don't cry,don't cry",she visited me in my home and sat quiely next to me while I ate a meal she had prepared for me,she was the loving mother she should have been or could have been had she been able to,she asked for my forgiveness,in the morning as a woke up I was about to go and check on her to see if she had spent a good night when I realised she had been dead a while and it had been a very vivid dream. She will be the only one of the "family" I will meet when I too pass on the other side.

That is when the spirits of loved ones usually come and tell you stuff. Mine only come when something major is going on! For instance about two weeks before my hip surgery my dad then my sister came. At first it freaked me out cause I thought, gosh are they getting me ready to cross over.. Then, right before the surgery this peace came over me and I knew they were telling me they were with me and I was going til be fine. They were helping in my recovery. It was just like I has family in the waiting room, you just couldn't see them! So cool!

At the same time it gives you peace, i miss him all the time . Our youngest turns 16 today she is so much like him. I know he is always with us , i can feel him.

I can relate, my friend,soulmate my husband died 2 yrs ago and he has visited me in my sleep many times,It always makes me happy, he is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last at night. I don't think that will ever end.