Gut Feelings

I used to work as a receptionist a few years back at a small newspaper. I was in the advertising dept. and kept track of all the sales peoples whereabouts. Well, long story short, there was this one guy who used to give me the creeps. I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him for some reason. Here's the kicker... One day he gives me a handwritten draft of a proposal he wanted me to type up for him. Holy cow, in his handrwriting I could tell that he was going to be involved in something horrible. He was going to be the cause of it. So I told my friend who was the boss's secretary, and we left it at that. The next day I was out due to a bad anxiety attack, and when I went in the following day, my friend came running to me saying that the FBI came,storming the office and basically ransacking the guys office. It turns out that there was a serial rapist in the neighboring town, and it was HIM!!!!! The FBI had been watching him for months, and he was using his contacts as an ad salesman to pick his victims! Needless to say, we were all in utter shock, and I picked up on it from his handwriting
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wow, that's an incredible story!