Is This A Gift Or A Curse?

I know things when others don't. Either I pick up the clues easier & put them together to form an assumption, or I can see the event take place weeks or days in advance, or I just have this gut feeling...either way, it's been correct the hundreds of times it's happened. Sometimes I will bawl my eyes out & get extremely depressed then later that day something horrible will end up happening that is completely out of my control.
I'm not possessed, I'm not psychic, I don't dabble with anything spiritistic, not even books or movies, I pray to God daily, I dont do any sort of recreational drugs & rarely drink, & Im not hallucinating, and I'm a God fearing person that reads the bible.
It's creepy to me & even harder to explain to others, even loved ones, so I just don't say anything most of the time.
What's wrong with me?
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did you know that there is a spiritual gift the apostle paul talks about called "a word of knowledge"? It means the Lord gives us knowledge of things we have no way of knowing for his own reasons. maybe to help others, maybe just to know how to pray. I believe the spiritual gifts are taught about in corinthians. Have a great day!

My name is Bob. I too have had many such experiences. I have also asked myself the same question....Is this a curse or a gift? After much thought, I came to the belief that it is both. For example, while returning from playing golf and riding in my friend's car heading north and approaching the hump of the Skyway bridge in the right lane, l yelled at my friend, "Get in the left lane quick". He hesitated and I yelled, "Get over damn it". He did and just narrowly missed hitting a stalled car which neither of us could see until we had reached the top of the bridge and would surely have been killed or seriously injured had he not changed lanes. In that event I would certainly have to call this thing a 'Gift'. I live in the Tampabay area of Florida. Speaking of the Skyway bridge, many years ago I was fast asleep and dreamed that that same bridge was hit by a ship and collapsed and I was standing over the end of the bridge looking down at the water and part of a laege ship up against the pilings. I watched as 3 or 4 people were getting out of a car and running back and away from what was left of the torn roadway. It was raining like hell being blown sideways by a strong wind. I felt damp and cold which caused me to wake from my dream. I got out of bed and walked out to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee when the guy I shared the apartment with said, "Hey Bob, get out here...You gotta see this. " He had the TV on in the living room and was watching the news on Baynews9 and said..."The damned Skyway bridge collapsed." I replied, "I know". With a weird look on his face, he looked at me and said, " How the hell could you just got up?" I think I said something like," yeah I know, but I just had this awful dream about it as if I was there and I was so scared, I just forced myself to wake up and now I'm really freaked watching it on TV." I've had many other types of these episodes...the latest being the twin towers which still bothers me to this day. They're used to be a group of people that had some sort of psychic abilities that met in the fall every year and used a meeting room in the clubhouse of a nearby golf club and I think it was like a 3 day deal. I almost went there to see if I could get some answers to the many questions I had regarding this 'thing' but either forgot to sign up in time or just plain forgot about it and would remember too late (maybe I was chicken). Well, that's all for now. I would be interested to know what you think about all this. I don't even know you name. Not sure how this web site works but I saw what you wrote and just felt compelled to respond. I just signed up tonight and do not know if I'm suppose to give you my email address or if it automatically goes directly to my email box via my username. I'd hate to put my email address in this response only to get a bunch of emails from kooks with too much time on their hands, so I guess I'll just trust my intuition and send this message without the email address. Bob

It's nice to know that others go through this. It's a very difficult thing to talk about. It scares the heck out of some people. These feelings can be so overwhelming that its nearly impossible to control them, sometimes there is no control.
I didn't realize there was a group like this, that met in real life. The thought scares me. I don't want to unleash whatever this is. I would lose family & friends. I'm scared I would lose myself. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm possessed, but the reality is that I know I'm not. The feelings are the only symptoms I have, I think. My emotions in general are heightened as they are. I don't want to allow place for the devil, but at the same time I want to know what this is, why am I like this?! Why can't I have normal emotions?! And are these crazy feelings the reason why my relationships end...I know things, so I call them out on it, of course they usually deny the "bad" stuff but I know the truth and the truth always eventually comes out. I knew who my husband (now ex) was going to cheat on me with even though he hates this person then and now. She could have been a dog or prostitute or a stuffed doll for all he cared at the time, she took advantage of him, a woman that he absolutely hates and never before hung out with, and yet it happened with her. There were no signs to point to her, but I just knew. I took precautions of course, but it still happened.
The list goes on. The few ministers I have talked with have just shunned me.
I want to be normal. Or if I can't be normal, then I wish I knew what is wrong with me or it will drive me crazy literally. It's so painful emotionally to go through.