I've Been This Way My Whole Life, But Only Share Experiences With My Husband

I have always dreamed about events before they happen. Not clear pictures sometimes snippets. The dream may take days or years to occur, but I always recognize that I have seen/experienced it before. I also have the ability (I dislike) to overly feel feelings of others. I know that sounds odd, but it affects me a lot. I avoid people I call emotion sucksers because they can bring me down to their level. It is emotionally draining and can affect me for hours after being around them. Three years ago, I excused myself from dinner because of chest pains. I'm a 27-year old healthy, runner. There should not be a reason why I was having chest pains. I received a phone call an hour later telling me that my mom had been rushed to the hospital because of chest pains. I sometimes feel sickness of people if I am around them too long. It is hard to explain and I don't tell people things. I share with my husband, but I keep a lot inside because I don't want him to look at me wrong.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

might be a good thing to share your feelings with a open minded non-judgemental person that understands you ,and keep your feelings safe and secure with them