Is A Super Sense? Things Start To Happen More Often Exactly Like I Thought In My Mind.

Actually I have this feeling since I was young, I just not really pay attention to it. Until recently I start to do meditation and listen my mind, things just come more often and often.
There is an kinda instinct thought in my head suddenly, and thing will happen in next minutes or with a week time. Sometimes I just think something or somebody, and things will come to me or the person will contact me, and what they will say is exactly in my instinct thought I had. I have no idea what is this kinda sense, and trying to figure out, about there wasn't much information online that I can find. I cant really control this kinda thought, they just come and go themselves, but they are very accurate.

and one more thing, that happened when i was a teenage. the night my grandmom pass away(somehow, that night i cant be with her, and the place i was sleeping the phone was not working), about the same time, i woke up go to the washroom, and i just felt so true she passed away, and suddenly there was this big wind, and i just felt somebody standing right next to me,look at me and dont wanna go. I stop and standing there for a while, and couple of mins later the wind stopped like it never was a wind here, very quite for the whole night after. I was young and I thought it was some sense everybody has for a family member of close someone when they die. So I didn't really pay attention to look into the sense.

does anyone here has the same experience? or have hear of this kinda thing?
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

I'm the same I got it at a very young age and never really put any thought to it, I always brushed it off until I was in junior high school I start noticing that if I listen to my thoughts I can benefit off of them. However they are very confusing, a lot of times I'm not sure if it's just me thinking or if it's A premonition. Now that I'm older its still confusing but I notice the The bigger the problem The more I feel in my gut. I also get dreams that give me a heads up on things but the dreams are the most confusing of them all