Just Knowing

Since I was small, about 5 , I started dreaming about things before they happened. I also suffered from nightmares and visitations of spirit beings that really scared me since I didn't know what they were. I hated that I just knew that this our that was about to happen.
When I got to be a teen I would freak people out because I would tell them what was going to happen and it did. I would tell them what the mailman had delivered and to whom and it would be in the box, word for word what someone was going to tell them, stuff like that. I would get a bad feeling about something, ignore it and blow it off, go ahead with what I was doing, sure enough, it would happen. Especially the dreams. It's weird, because I would have normal dreams, no big deal, then I would wake from a premonition, feel totally stressed, agitated, then, sure enough, it would happen. Then I got into Tarot and, basically, they were kind of a tool to give me a beginning, then I would just read the person, never met them and tell them everything. They would be asking," how do you know this?".
When I hit about age 26 I was reading the book Seth Speaks, and started to fall into this weird state, it really scared me, plus I was beginning to take on or absorb so to speak, other people's pain, sickness, anxiety, which I found out later was being Empath, and I would become really sick, I did not know how to protect myself, spirits of people who had died in houses that I rented would bug me for a while til they finally left me alone. I just stoped reading people, suppressed my abilities , push ed all of it away because it was overwhelming. Spirits still come, I have a smoker in this house that likes to smoke, it stinks and I have to make him stop.
What I want is someone to show me how to develop my skills, protect and ground myself and do some good. I am 60 now, but it's not too late. My sister passed over, she stays with me a lot, so I have some extra protection, but, I feel like she spends too much time here, although she has gone into the light she worries too much about all of us. She said she was ready to go three days before she passed but now she has second thoughts. I want her to spend more time in heaven and not end up stuck here, you know?
Any advice on this?
niecyt niecyt
Jan 6, 2013