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I can "guess" what’s going to be on the radio or what someone will say or when someone is calling and who it is or guess what the cards in my hand are. However there has only ever been two times when I KNEW what was going to happen. Once my mother was stupid and had her appendix burst because she refused to go to the doctor even though she worked in an ER. So she was laying in bed after surgery and the docs weren't too sure if she was going to make it. All I could think of while at her bedside was the typical things, this sucks, what am I going to do, what will happen, so on and so forth. Basically very worried and not too hopeful about her health. Yet sometime through out this ordeal I fell asleep and had a short dreamless slumber. When I woke up I had this calmness about me and I knew that she was going to be fine. Turns out she was... Another time my sister went missing when her boyfriend forgot to pick her up from work. So we are all out looking in the typical locations and calling around but to no avail. So I am at a gas station waiting for my mother to gas up the car when this similar calming feeling came over me, completely putting me at ease. It was at that time that I knew she was fine. Two minutes later or less she called and told us she got a ride home from a friend. Anyone else ever have anything like this happen to them before?
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I wrote a story about this phenomenon in 'I think my dreams betray me' which had some personal anecdotes. Have a look, I think that if there is such a thing as precognition, its more like telepathy, we get the information when it prehistoric times you might have been saved from danger by getting a 'sense' that she was safe, have a look at my story and comment.

I experience Deja vu all the time and it is usually brought on by my dreams. But this was something different.