Intuitive All the Time

Just about every day, if not several times a day, I know things.  More often than not, I walk by a person, or I think of a person, and I know what health issue afflicts them. 

To describe how it feels, it's like knowing that I have to sneeze, or that I'm hungry, or that I have to go to the bathroom, I just know it.

I told my mother that she had something wrong with her thyroid.  She went to the doctor and had her thyroid function tested.  It came back normal.  I insisted that something was wrong with her thyroid.  Soon after, she began to feel winded after walking up stairs.  Her doctor ordered a sonogram of her chest.  Her lungs looked normal, but she had a bit of fluid in her lungs.  The sonogram caught the very bottom of my mom's neck, and the doctor thought she saw a 3 cm tumor.

Very long story short, her ENT took out a tumor the size of an egg on her thyroid, which was a follicular variant of medullary carcinoma, 1 of 50 individuals diagnosed with this in the country.  Her thyroid was removed, and she's fine now.

I have about 50 stories like this.  I really enjoy it when I gamble, and I know I am going to win.  That's a rush.

There have been times that I have received messages from dead people to convey to their loved ones.  That is kind of irritating for me, though.

I try to ignore a lot of what I receive.  If I practiced meditation or yoga, I have confidence that this inclination of mine would blossom.  I have so much that I have to do during this point in my life that I simply cannot allow this sense to surface any more than it already has.  Maybe one day, I will pursue it.  For now, just a small group of friends and family ask me for "insight" into what life brings them.

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I hear you. I am a pretty strong empath, on top of having a significant gift of foresight. I had to train myself not to feel what the people around me were feeling, or go insane. It is useful at times, but a pain in the neck at others.