Knowing the Future Doesn't Do a Darn Bit of Good

Knowing the future doesn't do you a damn bit of good because it ends up happening anyway.  Jumbled images and feelings that don't make any sense.  That's how you "know" it.  If you can still change something, its just a premonition, a vague feeling that something isn't right... but if you experience it before it happens, you are stuck on that course.  Why does God let that happen?  Is it to prepare our hearts and minds?  Is that why God lets me dream I'll be fired before it happens?  (Has happened twice now...)  Just write it off as a dream because, Oh...that could happen, buut....  there's some detail that doesn't exist in my life right now (but that piece of the puzzle will come to pass, honey, braiin stew that's anything but).  Sigh.  What good is it hearing the infinitely wondrous, intelligent, and compassionate voice of God when you are too afraid, too reasonable to obey Him, to take ahold of the wonderful knowledge and experience he's given you you alone and go out and do what he asks of you?  I can't do anything with these abilities.

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Must trust as a small child, Faith.

Talk to world renowned Psychic, Silvia Brown. Maybe she can answer your question. Since you got fired from your job, get a job with Ryan, the director of Paranormal State. Maybe he'll fire Chip Coffey, the Psychic/Medium and hire you. ;)<br />
My sister thinks she's Psychic. Drives me crazy when I have to sit and listen to her. 0=0

There's a reason u'v been intrusted with these abilities by the devine have the courage of david, Embrace ur talent it will help u understand ur self more lead u on the right path and help others that will need u someday.