I Can Feel Things Be For They Happen

I can feel things befor they happen.

I remember the time when I was 8years old and my Grandma come to my mother and told some thing would be wrong with my brother.

And my Grandma died befor my brother made to the world.And she was right some thing was wrong.

I feel that is some powers .

My other Grandma on my mothers mother had some kind to.

So I got them and it is differnet some times I can feel some thing is going to happen.

But I can not tell.

Then it showed up and it is so weird when it showes. That is what is suppose to happen . That is what was suppose to happen.

There was a Man at the apartment he had the same I did . And we new something happen and in a couple months it happen and that felt weird to both us.

Is there other that have those feeling.

It is weird to have those feelings.

And they are so strong you can not sleep.

You no some thing is going to happen.

And then it does the thing comes to you that that was what it was.

I feel it is a gifted.

Of some kind.


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I can feel it .
It has not happen for long time.
But with my son .
We are not close. but i can feel some thing is not right.
And I could tell it with people that some things is happen.
I think my mom had it to . My grand ma had it to .
She could tell things that were not right .
Be for she died. and I was the age of 7.
And that was long time ago.
They say it is gifted.

How do you sense the feelings ? Is it a knowing ? Or do you hear a voice or does it come to you in a dream ?

I sense and feel things and have had a few dreams that have come true. I 1st dreamt of a girl I went to school with had died and two days later she died I also dreamt i wid meet my ex partner and not so long ago I dreamt we were going our own ways and there was no real reason to part other then s very strong feeling that we ard not meant to be. But now I have this feeling that I Will meet some one soon who will be important to me it's weird I know but the feelings are getting stronger every day..

Don't feel alone, there are lots of people who have these gifts to varying degrees . Mine started around 5. Yes there are times when everything is fine, then you wake up from a dream, get worried, stressed out then it comes true. It's too bad no one listens to it. I think we could all develop it, we all have a sixth sense if we develop it, some have much stronger, like you guys. I an sure most of your premonitions are in dreams, but do come to you in a waking state. We are just open motte to the spirit world when we sleep. It is a gift from God to keep us safe, of course.

thank you for write to me . and good luck

Me too!<br />
For instance I would sence not to drive a certain way, and I would be bawling my eyes out DONT GO THAT WAY! And find out later the cops were there and there had been an accident.<br />
Its been on and off all my life. I kind of turn it off now, with children I find its to much. I saw images of them getting hurt, and nothing would happen. So I just dropped all images and sences.<br />
But I felt it was God leading me, I will still feel an instinct of taking a different route. You never know. Sometimes its been a sence to walk a different way, and I bumped into a friend who really needed encouragement. So its a cool thing.

It happens to me all the time!

what you have is precognition; information preceived about future events, where the information could not be inferred by ordinary means. variations include premonition, a foreboding of an unfavorable future event, and presentiment, a sensing of a future emotion./ clairvoyance information received from a distance, beyond the reach of the ordinary senses. another meaning clear seeing also called remote viewing.

Yea that happened to my mother. She couldn't sleep. And when she could she had nightmares. She was worried about my two brothers and my sister all that night. She prayed, prayed and prayed.<br />
The next they have phoned home. <br />
They were driving and hit an ice patch did flip and landed back on its wheels just missing the cliff. <br />
There were 7 of em in the minivan. <br />
God bless they made it alright.

that is a talent, I had a strong feeling just once in my whole life that was when my boyfriend got hurt, It wasn't even that bad of an accident but I was siting in my school class and suddenly knowing that something was wrong and the time was the same too

Ooooo, I want what you have, lol.

Maybe if you own your mind to it you just might get ire, since the brain is not used to it's full extent and remote viewing has been used in the military and experimented with by our government.

Sorry, phone is broken..if you use your mind to aquire it. It does take practice. Some people have motte tendencies towards natural" intuition". Others don't, but you can hone your skills. It doesn't mean people are silly or don't know what they are talking about because they sense things, they are just more sensitive to their surroundings, good skill to have

thank you for write to me .
that means lot to me