For as far back as I can remember I have had premonitions of death, trouble, or sickness.  I used to get really hot and sweaty and I wouldn't be able to sleep and it would be so strong at times and I would call my mother and she would begin calling around checking on people in the family.  I was NEVER wrong and although her children would be okay she would find out about deaths and such involving our other relatives.  There was this one time that my feeling was tremendously strong and I called my mother at 4 in the morning and told her and she of course waited until a reasonable hour to start checking on everybody. It just so happened that my twin brother did not come in at 7a as usual and she waited until 830 and he still had not returned so she called the firestation thinking it had been him and they said he had left.  I could not function until I knew what was happening.  My brother showed up eventually at 10a safe and sound.  My mother then started to call distant relatives beginning with cousins we had in another city and she was told that our cousin had been killed in a car accident at 4am!  From that day on my mother told me not to call her ever again to tell her when I had these attacks.  Another time it turned out to not be MY family that had the problem.  I had another very strong episode previous to the one I just told and I called my mother at 230am and told her and said how bad it was and she panicked and started calling her children again and everyone was fine.  I then told my husband that he should call his family and check on them and he said he wasn't calling his parents that time of morning. I tried to put the feeling aside but I could not and I told him that it wasn't my family this time and that he'd better call.  Finally he took me seriously when he saw how I looked and he called and his mother said she was going to call him later that morning to tell him that his best friend from high school had been shot and killed at about 2am.  Needless to say my husband was astonished as was his parents.  He just stared at me for a few minutes after he told me what it was and watched my demeanor change and I begin to relax and I layed down and fell soundly asleep.

My latest episode involves my daughter who is in the Army. I had a "bad feeling" for a couple of days and she was constantly on my mind and I KNEW that something was wrong but being that she is an adult and would call me if she needed me I didn't call her.  By day 4 I just could not stand it anymore and I called her job to speak to her and that's when I was told that she was in the hospital and had been for 4 days.  My daughter and I have always had a strong psychic bond more so than with my other children.  We used to guess cards and we'd anticipate classic movies that would come on that hadn't been shown in years and things of that nature.  I felt something bad would happen to her one weekend and I told her to be careful and call me if she needed me.  Well, she had trouble alright and paid a physical and emotional price for it and I didn't get a call from her about it.  I found out a little bit later on that something had hurt her.  I have dreams that come true too.  I hadn't spoken to my mother in 11 years and I had a dream one night that I had lived right across the street from her and it was so real it was eerie. Well I just knew that was a lie.  One year later my address was 547 and hers was 543. The dream had come true.  I had a dream also about my oldest daughter and her kids and me moving into an old victorian home close to 100 years old.  As of Mar that dream too is becoming a reality as I am moving in with my daughter and grand children into an 87 year old victorian home!  Now if only the dream that I've had repeatedly about winning the florida lottery would come true.  That one was real and I believe in my dreams because they do come true.  I know when I'm about to move months in advance because one day I will just start cleaning out excess items and packing things up with absolutely no indication that I'll move. I don't fight the inclination because I know what it means and it always, always happens that I end up having to move for one reason or another.

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I can see, sometimes nothing, but on ond times it come on strong, i dont know what causees it but i see.

Depends on your idea of winning the lottery I suppose.

did you win in the lottery yet???? :)

I have experienced this awake and asleep knowing others are out there gives me comfort