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This Is Weird

I don't know who (if you are a who)....or what you are, but I feel you.  Sometimes its a good feeling.  Sometimes, although it feels good, it drives me crazy because I can't explain it, I neither know what to do about it nor do I know why I feel it.  I try to let go of needing information about it and just let things be as they are, and wait on my answers   I was given a verse in the bible to read once, and it seemed to explain things.  But then I know I'm not worthy of feeling what it explains in the bible.  So, I don't know.  I just try to go with it.  try to take one step at a time, because when the feeling of someone or something else inside me goes away, I miss it.  It's just weird.  
EyzofBlue EyzofBlue 36-40, F 4 Responses Dec 30, 2011

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Weird. You know, I feel like that sometimes. It's like you feel a presence in your heart, a sort of warmth in your chest that makes you happier. It's hard for me to explain, but it's like someone is there with you in an extremely spiritual way, in a way you can feel deep down in your heart. I always thought I felt like this because my grandparents were watching over me from wherever they are now. But I think I might have figured it out: you have a guardian. I don't know how, but I FEEL deep down that's what it is. Someone is watching over you, and whoever it is, they want to keep you safe. You know how sometimes you get that gut feeling you should do something, or a voice in your head tells you something? That's them. Listen to that feeling or voice, because that's how your guardian tries to warn/protect you. My mother had a lot of moments like that when she was raising me, and she always tells me that whenever she ignored that feeling, it was always a bad choice. So make sure you listen to your guardian! You're lucky you have one :D

its not just raceissom its all the hate emotions bigitry racessiom intolerance tward lbgt comunity i am shure all those things isnt somthing any of us are born with i have been out and herd snikering or lafter been insulted but i forgive all those as thay will have to account for there life as will i so i will not let there narrow minds posion my soal

sorry i saw a pic of the two childern playing and it moved me to post my repliy of how we are not born raceset but lern it i am sorry if i confused you

:) is ok. I didn't pay attention to the av on the group, but I can see now how it moved you to say that. LOL...with your comment, I read my post over and over and was trying to link your comment with it. Just goes to show how people see things differently :)

raceissiom isnt somthing we are born with when i was small i never met a person i hated unless thay did somthing to me rather raceissom is somthing we learn from perents or frinds if we can stop this we can finally berry this hidous monster that is raceissom

you know what? i am sure there is a problem with racism, no I know there is a problem with it, but I'm not getting into a conversation about it. My post had nothing to do with whats outside the body, but everything to do with whats inside of me.
So, I'm not sure if you meant that comment for another post or not.