I Can, And I Do!

I can fill my pants up with poop, or I can just pee in them when ever I want , too!  I don't have to answer to anyone, I am my own boss, of my descisions.  I can decide to poop in my pants whether it's here on EP, or go outside side the box.  Like the super market, drug store, the mall or just sitting here, at the computer, writing these stories for you all.  In fact, I am sitting here in a loaded pair of bluejeans, and now I am waiting to **** them.  I maybe a while from now!  I am gay pants pooper, and a bed wetter.  I like to suck a good ****, when the time **** and I like to have and good **** up the ***, every once in a while.  I like a good old fashion Golden Shower.  I am Proud of what I do, and so should you.  I have some very, very, very interesting Friends on EP, and I love this Web-Site, and there is no other.  I, first found this web-site when, I looking was looking for stories about people pooping there pants, and then I found this place.  I thought I was the only one that ever did this?  I was curious, about this site, and you know the old saying" curiousity, kills the cat, well it killed me.  And here I am today.  I would love to meet some of you people in person, but I know I cannnot, but that's OK!  I love to read and write, these stories for you, and they are true.  I write these stories, it helps me vent, about things that have happen to me growing up.


I am a firm believer in that, to my friends and family.  Althought my English needs to improve, I am working on that as well.  I love everyone, who is on here!  They have good stories, and some have good Ideas.  Got to go for Now!  I have a friend in trouble, and she and her children need my Help!    So, I will be back to add more sometime, soon.......................................

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I love your stories. I'm a ****** pissed gay man and yours stories are good ideas for me.. Thanks

i do like reading your stiries very much.<br />
im a bisexual man, and became incontinant. i embrace my sexuality, and my problem.<br />
combined they work well together.<br />
i also unload when ever/whereever i want. sometimes i clean up right away, and others ill sit in my lusty mess for a very long time.<br />
your proud of who you are, and it pleases me to find your stories, and self outlook.<br />
we have similarities. well done

I am a brother, and when it becomes time for me I, answer the call for friends! But it looks like she like the abuse from her husband, so now I was my hands from this and every time I get involved, I am the one who suffers, but not anymore. I am finished, i quit , no more!!!!!!

Right on, bro, or maybe, You go gal!<br />
I want to share my water with you.