Songs That Say My Words

Music touches me in so many different ways. I spend hours a day listening to music.

When I feel Sad or lonley or confused, I look through my song list and try to find a song that helps define what I am feeling.

For a really long time I have been missing someone so much.

There are so many feeling I have as well as questions that I have about why he is gone and I have yet to find the perfect song. The one that gives me comfort

I feel like I NEED to find the perfect goodbye song so I can let go...So I search every night for new songs because I want someone else's words to describe what is in my heart for me.

Or maybe the song is my way of holding onto the feeling because I don't really want to let go.

When I have the song than It can take me back to the feelings and maybe I think if I listen enough I will finally hear something new in the lyrics and have a bing moment.

I don't know... I search for love songs about missing someone, loving someone and about letting go. I find comfort in it

This is my current song that i listen to over and over. It makes me cry but I want to feel that feeling. It is depth inside my soul.. Someday I will write my own words. For now I will listen and feel.

mocking mocking
51-55, F
Sep 17, 2012