If I Can't Laugh

If I can't laugh then I am lost. Even in arguments I can find something funny to take the pressure out of the situation. Honestly I think that even death can be funny at times. Laughing is a coping mechanism that I have that helps me to get ride of stress. It helps ,ohhhh how it helps. Try it sometime.
alicia2316 alicia2316
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3 Responses Aug 26, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes for me though, I use it to hide my true feelings. At those times, it can be detrimental.

You know this sister!

Laughter had helped me more than pain medication, during some of my most painful post operation infections...Like they always say,. laughter is the best medication, and it also keeps the wrinkles away.<br />
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thank you, Chipperchick