Hold My Hand

He was 12 years older than me, very caring and loving brother, after a long illness when he was taking his last breaths I sat near his bed rubbing his chest and then he took a deep breathe, called my name and said twice hold my hand, in such a way that his soul was departing or he was drifting away where he did not want to, all the family members gathered there but he was no more, I often recall those moments and ask myself why he said ‘’hold my hand ‘’ as I was the one who could help him to bring him back.
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Very sad but written nice

Thanks Gracie for your comment.

You are welcome thank you for writing

We should care for our love ones and for these little angels i'd say they have the power to change our internal world...thank you for sharing your thoughts.

You have written about something most of us can relate to in one way or another, so thank you. By sharing with me, you and your brother have become saints, because for this moment, I'm on THIS level of living instead of a lower (semi-suicidal) level of living. <br />
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When I was less than 10 years old, my dear (and only) aunt killed herself, and I've battled with the desire to follow her example ever since. It is not because she or anyone put this on me. The true compulsion (which I've studied quite a bit) to end one's own proper life is a strange and rare one. Many of us are "saved" by loved ones and battle the aftermath. For the last several (10?) years I have put such a beautiful high price on each human life, because my nieces and nephew are the most incredible little people in the world. They make me want to stick around, as strong and positive as I can possibly become, in order to be the best "Tia" possible!<br />
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So thank you for the inspiration. When I read your story, I tried to think; What have I given my sister in exchange for her constant stability and love and care? Eek! I need to give back more! <br />
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Thanks again. <br />
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yeah! sure he is in peace, thanks for your comment.

wow , sad but well written, i hope he found peace

Thanks friendlycat! you are so sweet.

your brother loved you very much and appreciates your caress to him before he died.

kimmygarys! i think you are right, its very hard to cut the string which tie up your love ones.

Thank you frito414! this is your sweetness....TC

Touching...your story has a sweetness...:)

hi gr8jesus <br />
I am speechless too, your lovely comment and your words are wonderful compliment for me...TC

beautiful write......superb language and flow of words are awesome..u left me speechless...these comments are not enough to compliment u i think....:)