I love children.

There is 4 years old child in me, I love children they fascinate me when they do something funny, their innocent naughtiness mesmerize me so much and then my 4 years old comes out and use to play with them, children are sometimes more humorous than the elders I love them and I love to my 4 years old too,  I will keep it in me till the last breath of my life.
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thanks kidkeith for your comment.

very cool

Thank you redheadsrule for your comment.

So it is way past bed time for me ...I was sucked in and thinking wait ,this is a guy! Cute post :)

thank you rapturetourniquet for your understanding for my 4 years old.

Thank you hillbillycrone for you comment.

I loved this story, your child like energy and free spirit comes bounding through.

thanks friendlycat! i am there to make you smile sweetie.

Hi Munir, nice to see you write stories like this. hehe

thanks my dear, yeah! this child is wonderful.

thank you teemanley9...yes! we all love the child that is within us.

Thanks Nivetha, you are so sweet.

Thanks for sharing such a funny story. Simply superb.