Blissfully Unaware

The weather is warm.
The air is still.
There is a hint of fresh cut grass in the air.
Sam Cooke's, "Darling You Send Me" floating gently from my speakers to my ears.
I am driving, while singing along.
A girl on my mind who the thought of makes me simultaneously warm, fuzzy, and light as a feather.
When, "HOOONNKKK!!!!!!!!! WATUFUKARUDOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, immediately derails my train of thought, saturates my cloud of blissfulness with the rain of reality, and brings me down to earth.
I had started veering over the line in the wrong lane on my way home.
(D.W.B.U) Driving While Blissfully Unaware.
Glad I didn't hit anybody.
Just thought I'd share.
millerchris28 millerchris28
26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 14, 2011

hahahahaha!!!! What a lucky girl to be on YOUR mind. ; ) hehe!

I lovvvvve that song .. and GLAD you're ok ! be careful.. you're not supposed to leave here yet ok ? lolol xox

Thank you, :)

Great acronym!

Hahaha, Thanks. I know you don't mind acronyms. :)

hahaha I think we have all being there before! Daydreaming while driving can be a dangerous thing!

hahahahaha ;) I know the feeling...

Glad I'm not the only one.