Laugh With Me Or I'll Just Laugh Alone Ha Ha Ha

I have been a none stop laugh factory the last few weeks and there's only been a few people that have been able to roll with me. 

Some have sai that I'm loopy, silly, looney, wacko, flacky, fruit loops and all those other fun words but .. I don't care. I could have my butt hole all tight and puckered walking around with a sour dour look on my face but ya know WHAT? I ain't goin to!!!

Life is hard enough
Every single day when I wake up I have about 100 reasons to wanna grab a bat and start breaking things ... sometimes I feel like using my ex's head as a pinata BUT 
I don't.... 
I continue to look for the bright side of every situation and I will continue to make a joke just about any time I really need to laugh. 


when I crack a joke you can either laugh with me or

I'll just laugh alone because when life is really really crappy that's when I need to laugh the most. 
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1 Response Jun 17, 2012

Love your attitude, I love to laugh and like you I look for humor in everything.<br />
I have come to the realization that there really isn't much in this world to get all worked up about. Things come and go and nothing ever remains the same. Today may be your darkest day but tomorrow may be the best day of your life no sense dwelling on things.