Another True Tale.

We had a guy from south Philly in my laguage class and he was supposed to go to VN with the rest of us. While he was home on leave before reporting he got shot in the chest. He reported to my unit about three months later. One his first nights,we both pulled guard duty the same night, it was his first time. On guard all night they didn't want us firing our weapons but they did issue us M79 grenade launchers and gave us 50 rounds of 30mm ammo with the instructions to "make noise and let them know your awake."
In addition to the grenades, we were also issued five flares and I used to enjoy firing one off and trying to hit it with the grenade as it parachuted to the ground. If you were close enough, you could actually see the grenade pass by the grenade.
Anyway, this kid was on tower guard and he was firing hot and heavy. By 1am I heard him on the radio, requesting more ammunition and damn if they didn't give it to them. He shot them off too and the next day, near his bullet scar, his shoulder was all black and blue. I guess no one told him of the recoil on the M79.
PinksWoman PinksWoman
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Sep 13, 2012