Same Guy

Recalling the character from my last story, he was also responsible for some of the funniest and most disgusting things that happened in laguage school. One evening he came screaming out of the laterine, calling every to gather round as he had something to show us. Then, beaming with pride like the father of a newborn he pointed to the toilet and the stool he'd just left. It was humongeous. It filled the entire bowl and I could not imagine how he'd passed it.

As we were in school, we only had to stand in company formation twice a week, on Monday mornings for roll call, and on Friday afternoons when they'd announce who had weekend duty. There was one day, I think it was a Friday, and we were all standing in the afternoon sun waiting and sweating. Suddenly, up on the third floor balcony of the barracks, this same guy stood there wearing a heavy overcoat and a floppy hat he'd picked up in Juarez. "I guess you are all wondering why I called you all here today" he bellowed and then he opened his coat to reveal his naked body. "B'waaah" he cried. The CO and the first sergeant just shook their heads. Nobody wanted to call "Ten-shun".
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Sep 14, 2012