Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Is what i would like played at my funeral.

Its not that i laugh at everything - there are too many heartbreaking tragedies in the world by far.

But if you look at situations from a different perspective humour is such an integral part of
human existence. Unless you dont have a sense of humour - which is worryingly common.
How sad is it when people take themselves seriously all the time.

Sex is funny. What would aliens make of two humans copulating.

Work is funny. How ridiculous are office politics and all the stupid oneupmanship.

People are funny - their priorities, obsessions, habits and mannerisms. No wonder people watching is a national sport.

Even money, that which many of us dont have enough of is funny. Not so much for poor
people because that is tragic. But for the rich who think they have the answer to life and that
infuriating "subject to status" label means they have immunity from everything. You can`t take it with you is the ultimate joke on them.

Life itself is funny. Why else would observational comedians have us convulsed with laughter at our own behaviour? We recognise it and laugh whereas normally we treat it as normal practice.

As Spike Milligan has as his epitaph " I told you i was ill".

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2 Responses Oct 14, 2012

I like your view on things, aha. I agree, that if you take a step back and put things into perspective most things are in fact, "funny"! People would be less stressed out if only they took some time to realize this!

I also want that at my funeral.