Should I Be Laughing

We had the grandkids over a couple of weekends ago.
They LOVE to play outside.
I LOVE WATCHING them zoom around at mock 10
we, my husband and i have even did a lot of land scaping for them.
we live on the mountain so that left my back yard/ pastures pretty steep.
so we made platues (sp)
so steep, as toddlers they would just roll down hill, poor little guys

it is really cool, starts at the top with a hugh flat area, with big rocks on the edge of the bank, and has winding roads to the next flat area's. all are lined with rocks, that were found while bull dozing the mountain.
we have even pile hugh boulders on top of each other for them to climb.
the other day i was admireing there energy, dang , they have so much go.
at one point or another each hit the ground.
I swear the bounce, which looks FUNNY It looks like a stone skipping across a pond
they don't get hurt, they don't miss a beat, after the last, skip/bounce they jump up and keep on going with the dogs following.
i laugh so hard, my tummy hurts
feels messed up laughing about it, but can't help myself. and my mind keeps replaying it

I use to bounce, now
it is more like a splat. freaking hurts.

I was foolish enough to buy them one of those slip and slides,
remember those?
well i did, have many fun memorys of them.
so we set it up, turn on the hose, grandkids
"grammie, how does it work"
grammie, laughing so excited to make great memorys with the kids
says " watch" this is what you do
so off I go, took a few strides and dived.
remember above, yea . . . . duh
holy moly it hurt
i didn't remember all the bumps in the earth, or rocks, wholes in the ground when i was young. as i slide to the bottom, because gravity was taking me to the bottom one way or the other. i was thinking @#$#%@$$@
as i laid in the grass, waiting for the pain to go away, it crosses my mind
as a child, ours were set up on nice manacured FLAT lawns.
not down the mountain side.
needless to say, the kids were NOT overly thrilled to jump on and slide down the way grammie did.
Note to self, THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU DO IT, just because you have great memory as a child
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Wow, sounds like you're a fun and adventurous grannie! I wish you were my grandma! Haha I'm glad you didn't break any bones though, but continue having fun like this! =D

me too, it felt like it. ;) I LOVE BEING A GRANDMA