So, Since This Is My First Day Using Ep....

I shalt introduce myself. well lets see...hmmmm. I, babetrade, am sitting here in front of my new laptop (thank god for black Fridays :) and thinking. and thinking. and thinking a little more. Tomorrow I am going to a BBQ, one i've been looking forward too, because my 3-years-younger-then-me sex god will be there :) I haven't seen him in forever and just recently my cousin told me "erm he likes you back" *me, does a giddy dance and prances around aunts house on thanksgiving while drinking a bag arse cup of soda* So. im pretty la la la about tomorrow. except yes sir. something horrible just has to happen. apparently his bestfriend and brother like me also. oh sweet mother of god.
awkward moment when you realize that all this time you've been flaunting and being attractive in front of your love thang, you've caught the eye of his brother and friend whose happened to be there along the way.
then theres the fact hes younger and less mature then me. and probably hardly knows how to "baby making dance" xD
But I guess ill have to teach him a few things ;)
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Lol. That is quite a pickle you're in.