I Rather Laugh Than Cry

I laugh at a lot but mostly at myself. I love finding humor in what I do and don't mind admitting when I've been stupid or ridiculous, make life lighter, less pretentious.

- I've laughed when I've wiped-out infront of people on the slopes, I know how crazy a wipe-out can look.

- I laughed when I had to explain to a room full of people at a conference why I was late for my own presentation.

- I laughed when I realized I had a hole in my pants even though I was horrified as I wondered "Gee, I know my bum is really noticable wonder how many people know my underwear preference now."

- I laughed when I went apartment shopping. It was great. At one place, there was even a lovely communal dining room; oops how did I miss this was community for senior citizens...ohhh well.

- I laugh at myself on EP.

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Dec 4, 2012