Mega Bus!

My friend Jon and I are both of the same breed, organized chaos. We both are not ones to plan out or focus on the details of things, the journey is the adventure and what happens when we get there is only the byproduct of the fun we had previously.

Our friend out in STL. is the opposite, she planned for us to come up 4 months in advance, purchased tickets for the concert. Our only job was to arrive!

With this being said, even with her occasional reminders, and suggestion to purchase Mega bus tickets, neither of us got around to doing so...

The week of I searched for tickets but found nothing going from here to there. I was shocked! I assumed that the Mega bus goes pretty much anywhere, especially would to somewhere like STL.

Jon was able to drive his gas gulping jeep, Once on the highway, Jon asked, "So you know how to get to STL?" I looked at him, and he then said, "...Happen to bring a GPS?" Hahaha, we cracked up a little and said, I am sure we will find it.

On the road we began to calculate the cost which was a bit higher than we were expecting cause his car was getting only around 14 MPG... shaking our heads, we knew it would be a great trip anyways!

after being on the highway quite some time, a Mega bus passed us, Jon said, "Probably the one from home to STL, hahaha" We laughed and as we got closer the laughter grew louder as we both than realized, we were fallowing the Mega bus, I had no idea existed!

To add to the comedy, since we had no idea where we were going, we fallowed it, helping out with the gas milage by coasting fairly close behind it driving at a slower speed *face palm.* After a while we realized we needed gas, so decided to pull off at the next exit, THE MEGA BUS PULLED THE SAME WAY!

We went in, everyone got off the bus and went in to get food, people struck up some conversation, and laughed about the fact that we had been fallowing them for about 100 miles, because we didn't there was a mega bus. We all shared a laugh at that and waved to our traveling buddies as they got back on the bus.

haha, our lack of organization for this trip and a lot would probably drive some people nuts. It's all a part of the fun, was just nice to be on the road with a good friend.

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Jan 13, 2013