Abortion Details? Hilarious!

I was at the once a week nightly health class at the community college. We had started to learn about birth control, abortion, all that good stuff. I had been gone the past couple of weeks because of other activites, so when I arrived at the cool spring night, I arrived to abortion methods.

Well yes, I am pro choice but thats another subject for another time.

We went over the several methods of how to have an abortion. The majority of the class are girls and when we went over the details graphically, I laughed at their reaction. "Eghhh" "gross" "sick" and so I giggled. Death, repulsion and laughter.

It was funny because of how sad and violent life and death is but mostly of the reactions of life and death.

Demented? Ya you betcha

genevieve08 genevieve08
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2007