I Really Can

I can fix and will fix everything on my car except an engine and transmission.
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great. what make is your car ?

The one I have now is a 2001 Chevy Blazer. I have been like this with every vehicle I have ever owned. As soon as I buy a new vehicle, I run right out and buy the Chilton's manual that goes with my vehicle so that when something needs repaired, I can do it.

really great. i love big american cars. we own smaller cars here in europa. i have only a small citroen saxo. its very very economical but you just cant fit in it. any way, do you like to drive barefoot ?

I am always barefoot. I got tired of getting to the store and getting to the door and have to turn around, get back in the car, and drive all the way back home for some shoes. So now I keep a pair of flip-flops or crocs in the car so I don't waste time driving back home for shoes when I go out.

For what this is worth to you, Beth... as a guy who's into classic cars and have been all my life... I think it's not only cool when a woman can fix her car or likes working one, but also down right sexy.

Thank you. I just really hate when I walk into an auto parts store with an old part wanting to exchange it for a new part, and I tell the the make, model, and all other vital information, and they still give me the wrong part and talk to me like I'm retarded just because I am a female.

I don't blame you. But I think it the fault lies with the individual, or individuals, behind the counter at that particular moment or parts store. Not all that work the counters are like that. I've also experienced it a bit, and I'm a guy and I tend to know a little about cars... as I have a few classics and have been into hot rods since before I had a driver's license.

That is awesome. I love hot rods too and classic cars. My bio father was a diesel mechanic all my life and my now late step-father did much of his own car repairs also. Being the oldest, I was taught everything. I have problems every time I go into the auto parts store so if I don't want issues, I have to take a guy with me just so I can get treated fairly. It is a crying shame.

Yes it is! Over the years I've known girls who were raised with brothers and that knew about cars and it was always fun to see the looks on guys faces when they were call out as BSers by a girl and she used facts to tell them why they were full of crap.
Glad to hear you like hot rods. I have two I take to car shows, here locally. A '67 Chevelle and an '69 Camaro, both Super Sports.

I have a thing for Camaro's. My father has a 78 Camaro that he drove off the showroom floor. It still has the 8-track player in it.

An 8 track player! I still have one of those around here someplace. Actually, more than one. And I even have the tapes to go with them.
I also have a '91 Z-28 that I didn't mention, as they made that body style for 10 years and it'll never be considered a classic. But I ordered it brand new and it still looks like the night I picked it up. But when you keep them covered up in a garage and hardly ever drive them, a car can stay looking new for a long time.

my partner used to have an 87' and a 91' z-28. my partner had to leave their 91' in guam when returning to the states after finishing 6 yrs in the navy.

my partner still has some pics of themself with the 91'

Too bad. How'd it get over to Guam. I thought service members could get personal property transported to and from the States.

they can, but it would have cost my partner over $5000 to ship back because they had gotten married while in the service. My partner had finished their duty but spouse was still in and navy would only ship spouses car, not my partners car. Military only ships one vehicle per family.

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