Only When I'm Feeling Down??

I only seem to have flying dreams when I am going through a difficult phase in my life, it's as though I am literally flying away from my problems! I have had lots of different types of flying dreams, sometimes I am flying in a type of bubble with other people, other times I am flying very low seeing beautiful scenery and landscapes Ive never seen on earth, I have also dreamt that I am flying very high through the clouds and actually feeling the wind and clouds flying by me which was quite exhilarating and strangely real.  The most poignant time was when my partner was away for a month in Belgium whilst I was stuck in the UK, in my dream I flew to meet him and we were flying over land and beaches and then rooptops and landing on buildings and looking around at what was there. It was as though I had flown out to be with him. Reassuring, exciting and exhilarating but very strange and weirdly, these are the dreams that feel most real to me.
kaylz274 kaylz274
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2010