Easy To Get Down, Hard To Get Up

I've been into lucid dreaming a few years ago. I didn't have to spend hours and ours on trying to become lucid.
It comes natural to me. Too bad I wake up very shortly after getting lucid. So I don't have much time to get up in the air and fly away.
When I manage, I usually have to climb a big building or even use the elevator and then jump off to fly for a very short time. It feels very good,
I can always feel the wind blowing through my hair, I can feel the sun on my face, even gravity and G-forces are very realistic.
I think it's funny how I can fly without any problem, but my knowledge of nature somhowe counteracts my ability to lift off. Once up, I'm down very quickly and no matter how I flap my wings, no matter how I tell myself I am dreaming so I can do anything, I'll just be standing on the ground.
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1 Response Mar 17, 2011

me too