Forgive and Forget My Hinnie!

Recenty, my best friend and I ended a 10 friendship over something she thought I did,, but I didnt.  She never even approched me on it,, just assumed it was me. 

A call was made to Family Services re: her daughter and grandson.  My "friend" thought I made the call because I was at her house everyday.  I saw things that made me a bit uncomfortable,  (nothing abusive), but i just didnt like the way the daughter was raising the grandson.   I thought,, not my business, unless there was danger involved, that would have been different.

Anyway, when F/S's came to investigate, and found no cause, she just asssumed it was me.  

It's been almost a year now, and we still dont talk even though I see her often since she comes to the complex to visit other friends.

I was so very hurt and physcially sick over this,, we shared everything.  We were so very close,  could and DID talk about everything in our lives.   Suddenly, and with no good reason, it was over.   I missed her terribly.  When something happened in my life, my first thought was to call her,, then,, I remembered.   Many of our mutual friends have told her I wasnt the one who made the call, but she still believes I did.  Nothing I can do about it now, it's over and done.   Worst part was, she took away not only our friendship, but my trust in others.  Now, I dont trust anyone and for that, I do not forgive, nor will I ever forget the pain she has put me through.   How very sad.

46-50, F
Jul 10, 2008