After I ***, for some reason, I do not go soft.
I can stay hard long afterwards.

bigcountry76 bigcountry76
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Me too. Lol


Can you *** again after your first ******, still hard?

Man I am the same. I'm 26 and stay rock hard after I ***, the best I have done is 11 ******* in one session, hard the whole time. Apparantly only 5 % of guys under 30 stay fully hard after they ***, so you are lucky too.

Wow only knew a few boys who could do that! They were young. Thanks to the little blue pill when you get older you will be able to keep it up. It takes a real woman who understands aging and works with her man to get him off when he is struggling. I can get my old man to fire every time. And he is so thankfull. Read my stories and my confessions. Marymarthazetta

Every girls dream!

Thanks so much!

omg !!! nights of long sultry pleasure without the fear of losing interest for a very long time... lol....

Glad you like