The longest scene with my Master went on for 4 hours and as for down and dirty sex I'm pretty sure it was 5 1/2 hours.... And yes I was utterly exhausted by the end of both... I'm pretty sure I slept for 12 hours after...hehe... Just to wake up and have a quickie before work.... :) please make note that there were one or two breaks during... Even super woman would need a break...right?
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Our record is four hours straight sex in the morning mutual day off!

I have had weekends of sex, where it is literally a constant stimulation sexually in between of catnaps and takeout food. It is a hell of a time... n I loved every minute of it....

its a lot of fun with the right person.. I think the longest I have gone is a lil more than 3 full days... without ever leaving the room basically ... You should try it ... its a lot of fun....

Very hard to find someone who can **** for long as me, especially when lust rules my life LOL

anastasia steele

its waiting to be discovered ;]

My lover and i used to have marathon days all the time. And he was in his late 40s. always hard.

Yes you do deserve a break esp after putting in all those hours ha ha ha

what a women awesome lady

You're a champ!