but after i know is just me being stupid..
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hehehe<br />
:P<br />
now u cant say that he looks like girl heh heh<br />
*crosses arms*

*throws pillows all around*<br />
Rain is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! doesn look like a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see!<br />
Thanks for the enlightenment AP. Sounds like an Asian Justin Bieber (we keep hearing about him in the media and everyone's apparently crazy for him but we don't know a single song he sings!)

what did u say bout Rain?that he looks like a girl??????????????????????????????<br />

heh,.<br />
<br />
the actor/singer in my avatar..heh<br />
<br />
is nothing wg..just stupid ..

It's okay to feel jealous Amy......what you need to do is ask yourself why you are feeling jealous? Is it because of fear or anger. Being open and honest with a person about your emotions can deepen your relationship...but remember not to be aggressive if you do decide to talk about it....

Who is Rain? I'm getting jealous.

hmmm<br />

lol....yeah i can jealous for him too ..