Not a Jealous Person...

But when one messes with my man (mainly girl flirting with bf IN FRONT OF ME), or if the situation is just right, I feel that little green monster screaming "MINE" creeping up behind me... Good to know that I am secure enough with myself to know that I can trust him... I just get a little irked at some things.. though rare, still unnerving nonethelessl....

hae hae
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2008

Good for you for recognizing the green monster and controlling it. I don't believe that jealousy ever has a positive outcome. I also don't remember anyone ever admitting being jealous when approached about it. Truly jealous people never believe that they are jealous. As a result, the issue is never resolved because of the denial. <br />
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Again, good for you.