"yeah Nyeh Panee Myoh"

Sometimes, moving from one culture or society to another exposes one to different habits or technologies. When we lived in the USA, there were countless tv channels in English.

When we moved to Azerbaijan, there were very few channels and none in the language we could understand. We followed the advice of friends and immediately purchased a DVD player and scurried off to the local DVD store to buy the weekend's entertainment. Imagine our chagrin when each of the movies purchased proved to be in Russian. One after one we tried, but always the same results.

We were upset.

We felt taken advantage of. The shop assistant knew we were not Russian speaking (then) and we had specifically asked for English language discs.

The next working day, we stormed back to the shop to point out the error of their ways and demand satisfaction. The proprietor heard our complaint and looked at us with a long suffering sense of resignation. He took the first DVD placed it in his machine, showed us the change language function and offered us the opportunity to watch the programme not only in English, but in several other alternatives to the default setting of Russian.


We felt very small. Perhaps humiliated, but collected what was left of our composure and returned home to enjoy the movies.

Subsequently (several months later), I learned and mastered the Russian language to reminisce with the proprietor in his own language. I don't recall if we laughed in Russian or in English.



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I can actually picture the face of the proprietor! XD<br />
<br />
(And that's laughing in June's lingo. Ha.)

Welcome back Sjune;)

Lolllllz! You rock, Duchess!

Wai!! You rapping? LoL I'm off to Perth ths weekend Wai. I think they speak Strine there?;)

Wonderful story! Sounds like something we would do in your same situation. :-)

I told you Crone..we must be related. We are so much like;)

Its a proven fact. Indisputable and I can call up the links to prove it.... people who speak many languages rock! They rock hard! *an american colloquialism meaning they are exceptionally fine. : )

LOL..spasiba LilAnnie;)