The Bad **** Instead

i completely wana **** him up..ya, you already not even gonna say his name..he doesnt want to stay with me..ever..i have to force him to all the time..we schedule the days when he's supposed to stay over..everytime he doesnt stay,its cuz he either works early,has a meeting,or has to do laundry..some recent events had caused an opening i guess for him to stay..even tho he worked at 8:45am..but he's gotten up earlier than that to leave my house..but he doesnt like being "pressured" to i try not to..he says that the more i dont pressure him, the more likely it is for him to stay..i could be naked in front of him, on my knees, with a popsicle/whip cream (or any other kinky food), ready to suck his **** until he collapses,and he still would turn me down and say "no, i gota do laundry" tell me, would you pass ur **** being sucked?i had wrapped my arms around his neck and i did the one thing that i find very hard to do (cuz i could care less most the time), and begged him very nonchalantly to stay..he actually made a space between us to put his hands there to separate us and push me away a little bit..i mean what the **** is this ****?

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Dear one thing he must be a gay or very low in sex matters.<br />
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There are so many people like that.<br />
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Please search for a proper partner for you.

Baby, You are to good for Him. You need to find someone to Love and Worship you for the Goddess that You are

you know 3somefun,i never thought about it..maybe if i stop trying to so hard,he'll come to his senses..but wow thats gona be hard

You have a little problem, babe. You're doing too much to him. And you shouldn't. He does not appreciate this. You have to stop loving him so much. Or at least stop showing your love. This can make him think about you more often. May be you should make him a little jealous. It's hard to give you advice without any information about your relationships. But something is wrong.

Don't cheat - take charge. YOU deserve to have what You desire - tell him to stay, or else. :)

How could anyone turn you down? Wow

its easy for you to say cheat..which is very tempting for me

A masocist says, "beat me, beat me". A sadist says no.<br />
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