Can we go again!?

I met Jonathan when I was  in my final year of college. I was in pharmacy and he was finishing up Med school. We met thru mutual friends one night at a concert. We hit it off almost instantly.I couldn't get past his intense Hazel eyes. I grinned like alittle school girl everytime he glanced at me. My typical "go get him  girl "kicked in and I broke the ice. I took his phone and put my number in it. Screaming at him over the loud music,Told  him to call me sometime, we could grab drinks some where. After the initial look of shock faded into a pleased smile, he told me that would be great. We finished the night out with a group of friends on a private beach with a bon fire..drinking ourselves silly and going swimming. I was a good three sheets to the wind and Carli  invited me to stay at the beach house  with her and Wil. So I agreed and rode with them. She gave  a quick tour and  showed me the guest house where I could stay.  I walked in and literally flopped on the over size bed and crashed. By this time it  was about  4am. Felt like I had just going to sleep when I heard a tinging noise on glass and could barely make clear if I was dreaming or  it was seriously happening. I ignored it, then again...tinging noise. I managed to open my eyes...and I could see it was daylight out. OMG please no light!. Itried to remember all the fun from the night before..but it was over ran by the  nausea.. and pounding of my head. Then ting! Seriously! All I could think was what the hell! I got up and looked out my window..looking all around..then I spotted someone standing to the side of the window..It was Jonathan.  I wanted to scream...oh but there was not going to be any of  that,  with the way my head felt. I opened the window..looked at him .."Do you not believe  in calling or  even using the door?. As I giglled slightly.  He stood there a moment.."well If I called,you would have known I was coming,and if I use the door...Cali would know I was here."  Umm, well ok. That was a good excuse...NOT! I was a little annoyed, but  tried not  to show it. I motioned for him to hold on.. I went to the front door,and called for him. As he came in, I got a glimps of his incredible hazel eyes again.then had even more butterflies  in my stomach . I just grinned at him and told him I needed to get a drink. He followed with a smart  comment..  "oh you didnt have enough last night" as he laughed out the words. With out thinking I turned and back handed him in  the chest. Surprising us both. He flinched back and I had to laugh. I reached over and rubbed his chest where I hit him... I  pulled away and changed the subject. So why are you here? He chimned in with, well I thought we could do breakfast...I looked at myself..looked at him and the  realized I had only a tank top and a pairs of thongs on.totally forgetting I even got undressed before going to bed. I kept apologizing over and over trying  to make my way past him to get clothes. He stopped me and pulled me in front  of him.Looking me in  the eyes and telling me  to stop. He looked at me for a moment, " You look perfectly fine..You shouldn't apologize for looking that great. I laughed at him as I pulled away. "I am going to grab a shower and get dressed. I will be back " All I could manage to say. I Hurried  thru the shower, and got dressed. As I came back  to  the kitchen, he was sitting  and watching me as I did. I knew my face got red..but I tried to shake it off. "So  where are we going?" He looked at me confused..."No where..I brought everything we he made his way out the door. I stood there grinning...feeling a bit confused. And yet more butterflies. He came in  carrying bags  of groceries  and i took one being nosey, looking to see what he had. He pulled the bag and said, "No No, not for you to see..Yet" I folded   my arms and scowled at him playfully. I sat at the other side of the  island where the stove was. We chatted and made jokes..exchanging a few sexual comments out of fun. When he was done cooking,  I couldn't believe how yummy everything looked . I said, "If your half as good in bed as you are in the kitchen, I might have to marry you." He raised his eyebrow, grinned, and my face went red..again!  Well I am good at putting my foot in my mouth. I played it off...he sat beside me and handed my plate to me. It was a huge greek omlete with veggies and freshly made juice. I took the first bite, and the taste just exploded.. I looked at him words to say, he said well? "I truely meant what I said about if your half as good in bed!" we both laughed out loud. We ate and talked about what we would like to do . Nothing felt strange about him, was like I knew him for a life tiime. We ended the day with going for drinks. And we never ran  out of things to talk about. I told him I needed to call it early, I had a flight to catch in the morning. He seemed sad to hear that. I told him i would be home in two days. We could talk in  between.He drove me back to pick up my vehicle,and said our  goodbyes. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back, but I couldn't leave it just at that. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him harder. Just couldn't pull away.  Finally, i did. Wasn't sure why that just happened. I said I would call him and left. Still in a daze from the day and the kiss goodbye..I forgot where I had to go. lol 
                           I came back from my trip and was getting in the door, my phone buzzed. It was a message from Jonathan. " Back Yet? Missed ya.. can I see you?" My heart raced..and all i I could do was smile. I wanted to see him. We talked about getting together when I  got back... I couldn't wait. I messaged back. "Home is my address...can't wait." I hurried up stairs and put a jean skirt and thin strapped tank  on. put my things away. The door bell rang. I rushed down and opened the door,  I smiled ear to ear, Almost loosing all composure. I wrapped my arms around him  and kissed  him.. pulling him into the house. I don't know how things became so intense so fast but they were. And I didn't want anything else at that time. We never made it out of the entrance way before we started tearing  clothes off. Making our way to the livingroom. I sat down on the chase lounge, laying back and pulled him on top  of me... He pulled my leg up with his hand behind my knee..positioning himself between my legs I could feel his **** hard and bulging thru his pants. I instantly feel a burning desire in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this man.. right now. I slid my hands between our bodies, and began undoing his pants.  My  eyes never leaving his. He knew what  I he grinned, shifted his weight as I shoved his pants down...and he made his way out of them. He lifted my hips sliding his fingers under my thongs and pulling them down..kissing my stomach  to  the very thin line between my lower stomach and my throbbing... sensitive ****. I gasped and moaned out loud the moment his tongue touched it. My fingers locking thru his hips lifting toward his mouth...I knew it wouldn't be long...I screamed out.. "YES..YES! AS waves of pleasure jolted  thru my body..I couldn't breath..couldn't think..all I could do is let it run my body..As it shook,and spasmed...Felt like I was under his  spell. He licked and sucked til my body went limp. All I could do was gasp for air..But Oh my it felt so ..incredibly wonderful. As my body calms,I feel yet another ****** body tensing and I gasp for air..just as it starts ripping tru my a quick ..swift movement he stops,positions himself on top of me and slides his **** inside me...thrusting in an even pace...but hard intense thrusts. I scream out and beg him to **** me harder. He speeds the thrusts and is now slamming into me.. I can feel how thick and long he I take every inch...deep ...deep inside. Hitting the very depths of me. I grab the side of the lounge, as we both feel one intense ****** taking complete control. The more intense  it is, the harder he  thrusts, the louder I scream..begging  him not to stop! I feel him throbbing inside me..the pulsating feeling of ******* together.  He slides his arms under me pulling me into him as he switches postions..with me now straddling he is now deeper than ever inside me. Grinding my hips into him..holding on with all I have... he grabs my *** pulling me into him..and as I near one last  ****** ..he tells me not to close my eyes....look at him...I feel his **** grow harder..and then with no warning..jolting waves of pleasure..I try to keep eye contact and I moan out loud..digging nails into  his shoulders..he grins and pulls me in to kiss me..My hips pounding down on his ****...My head rolls back he moans out.."**** me baby! I cant stop..I slam down as hard as I can until I cant take no more....I fall into him..hardly able to breath...both clenched to eachother. Mmm I finally got what I have been wanting from this man...and can't wait til I can feel this all over again!
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Strewth. That was good. ;-)