How Long Have You Got?

How am I feeling? Hmmm... good question.  Apparently it’s the ion channels in my cells recalibrating due to external stimuli.  This creates a feedback loop along my central nervous system which maintains the controlled release of the necessary neurochemicals.  It’s massively complicated.  Other influences stem from sparks of a memory associations that are triggered to complement the feeling itself.  The sympathetic nervous system then ‘feels’ whatever it is, in the body.  Atmospheric conditions will have an impact too.  For instance, today’s rain and constant gloom may combine with a long list of chores to make me generally miserable.  Not always though, sometimes I laugh in the rain, against the odds.

What was the question again?  Oh, how am I feeling?  Yes, well, in actuality the question isn’t relevant any longer.  For a start, I experience life a fraction of an instant after it actually happens, due to the lag in latency of us reacting to the signals we receive from our senses and memory.  And, of course, just thinking about ‘how am I feeling’ changes the way I feel.  Being asked makes me forget how I was before.  It’s not one of those things that can be answered in a scientific way.  For example, if asked ‘what’s the capital city of France?’ I can demonstrate the answer logically (as long as the Belgians don’t invade), and in a couple of minutes the answer will still be right.  
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Sep 25, 2012