i can go for weeks without dressing. although Nita is always lingering in my thoughts. she does not always demand attention. but when she wakes up, she is demanding. no if's, no ands, no buts. Now.
  sometimes it's the eat, work, sleep thing that gets in the way. if i don't keep up with that crap, the bills don't get paid, the kitty kats have their food cut off, and they get ticked at me! so i, we, us, we do what we have to. sometimes Nita just seems to drift into the background, and Steve, he's the male side, comes to the fore. goes fishing, does the car stuff, or works in the lawn and enjoys it.
  but when push comes to shove, there is no denying Nita. i have tried, again and again, but that never works.
  so these days, when Nita says "hey", we enjoy her presence. her taste in clothes. the feelings that Nita brings to my world. even though she tried to drive us literally crazy during the early years. Nita is a presence, a part of my presence. and i must admit a welcome presence, even if i do not totally understand the why's of her presence.
  just some thoughts.

Nita n Steve
Nita427 Nita427
56-60, M
Aug 4, 2010